Dead Shambles


Dead Shambles by Chris Raven

A two act stage musical comedy horror about zombies, written for large cast armature dramatic companies.


Dead Shambles is musical stage play about seven survivors of a zombie apocalypse who have retreated to their local police station in the hopes of finding safety. However, once safe behind firm walls, they come realise there is more to fear in post apocalyptic Britain than the hoards of the undead that are waiting for them outside. Where are the real monsters? Inside or out?

The play is written for a large non-professional cast, and as such is royalty-free for non-profit making amateur productions. The cast of characters are adaptable and the script that gives as much flexibility as possible for casting within existing drama groups.


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Dead Shambles is available to buy from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

It is also available on and other Amazon sites.

Dead Shambles is also available to buy from Barnes and Noble in paperback and on nook.

Dead Shamble is available on Kobo and can also be downloaded in various formats from Smashwords and Scribd.


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