The Amateur Vile-Horrors


The Amateur Vile-Horrors is a series of comedy horror stage plays designed for large cast amateur dramatic companies. The aim is to provide royalty free stage plays for non-profit making amateur productions. I have also tried to create plays for large and adaptable casts, with opportunities for various performance types, i.e. physical theatre, technical theatre, music, dance, even puppetry. Flexibility is the key, so that the play can fit round existing drama groups. I hope you enjoy them.


Dead Shambles

The very first ‘Vile Horror’ is Dead Shambles, a  musical stage play is about seven survivors of a zombie apocalypse who have retreated to their local police station in the hopes of finding safety.

Dead Shambles by Chris Raven

You can read more about it on this website:


The Atomic Monster from Out of Space

The second Vile Horror is another musical comedy stage play, but this time based on the 1950’s genre of monster movie. Again it is written specifically for a large non-professional cast.


You can read more about it on this website:


The Pound Shop of Terror

I am currently writing the third Vile Horror, more details will be uploaded as the project develops.


You can also stay up to date by checking out the ‘Vile Horrors’ Facebook page.


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