Tales from Even Darker Places

The Indie Collaboration Presents


Tales from Even Darker Places

The Indie Collaboration presents its thirteenth anthology of short stories, freely donated by independent writing’s most ghoulish ghosts and gremlins. In this third annual Halloween collection, we find another sacrificial platter of chilling tales to keep you up at night.

If you choose to read these tales of ancient evils and sinister sorcerers, of ghostly hauntings, witches, serial killers and avenging angels, then remember to keep a light on tonight and don’t forget to check under the bed.

Free download from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and DriveThrouFiction, and on Kobo,

It is also available from Scribd.

Soon to be available on Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon.



Spectacular Tales 3


The Indie Collaboration Presents

Spectacular Tales III

More thrilling short stories written by independent publishing’s rising stars. In this third SF collection of short fiction, The Indie Collaboration delves into the vaults of speculative fiction once more, bringing you original and innovative Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.

Here you will find stories about Space Pirates and Barbarians, Survivors of plagues, a man doomed by time and an epic tale about Giants and Monsters.

So done your space suit and come join us in exploring more ‘Spectacular Tales’.

Spectacular Tales 3 by The Indie Collaboration (Published 11/10/2016).

Available for FREE at Smashwords and DriveThruFiction and on Kobo and from Barnes and Noble.

Also available on Kindle and in Paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Summer Shorts 2

Summer Shorts II

In this second helping of summer fun, The Indie Collaboration comes up with yet another unique collection of original stories from the authors we have come to know so well. Now in our third year, The Indie Collaboration comes up with yet more exciting, enthralling and funny stories. Ideal for relaxing in the summer sun, just don’t get carried away and stay out too long.

Summer Shorts 2 by the Indie Collaboration (Published 13/06/2016). Available on Smashwords, Kobo, Nook and Amazon Kindle.

Summer Shorts is also available in paperback from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.


Spectacular Tales II

The Indie Collaboration Presents

Spectacular Tales II



Another thrilling anthology of short stories by some of the rising stars in independent publishing. In this second collection of short Speculative Fiction we bring you another treasure chest of great Science Fiction and Fantasy. Here you will find stories of intergalactic policemen, virtual soldiers, spirited princesses, lonesome spacemen and even megalomaniac dogs and kleptomaniac goats.

So dust off your old suit of armour and grab your blaster pistol and come join us in exploring more ‘Spectacular Tales’.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

A Second Children’s Story Collection


Another collection of children’s stories and poems from The Indie Collaboration. Once again we take you to far-away lands of magic and moonbeams, wishes and daydreams, cookies and ice creams.

I can’t wait to go back. Can you?

Available for free on NOOK at Barnes and Noble and on Kobo.

Also available for free in various formats from Smashwords.

Also available in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.