The Atomic Monster from Out of Space


The Atomic Monster from Out of Space

The second ‘Amateur Vile-Horror’

 First Published on 16th November 2014

‘The Atomic Monster from Out of Space’ is musical comedy stage play based on the 1950’s genre of monster movie, it is written specifically for a large non-professional cast.


William Denning, a sheriff in a small American town in the 1950’s, reluctantly accepts the help of plucky female reporter, Patsy Parker, while investigating a string of missing teenagers. What will they make of the mysterious swamp in an old forest, a thirty year old meteorite crash site, ominous black goo and the hideous green monster that stalks after them in the night?


The Atomic Monster from Out of Space is written for a large non-professional cast and is royalty-free for non-profit making amateur productions. It has an adaptable cast of characters and a script that gives as much flexibility as possible for casting within existing drama groups.

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