New Look For The Rekindled Affair by Peter John. Still Free Everywhere!

New Look For The Rekindled Affair by Peter John. Still Free Everywhere!.

Read this free short story, it was hilarious. Shades of Gray with a blue rinse and a touch of the carry on. I laughed out loud.


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Trevor’s Odd Assay by Chris Raven

Trevor's Odd Assay

Trevor’s only been on the job three months but he’s already attracted the disapproving attention of Musevary Tower’s grumpy and sardonic caretaker.

This introductory short story is available free on Smashwords, and sets the scene for ‘tall stories’, an up-coming anthology of short stories due out in 2014.

‘Trevor’s Odd Assay’ is an introductory short story about a young security guard’s journey up through the floors of Musevary Towers, a mysterious residential tower block where anything can happen. It is a preview for ‘Tall Stories’, an anthology of tales that  are set in a shared story environment where a number of writers have written stories that intertwine, allowing them to share and develop each other’s characters and locations every time a story is told.